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At VoCheck Flooring Services, we can help you create and manage interior solutions that meet the demands of today's workplace environment. We offer products that are durable, sustainable, economical and practical. Our products maximize aesthetic value and functionality which ultimately means they can be used longer with a reduced environmental footprint. Whether your renovating, reconfiguring or moving to a new facility, we will work with you to evaluate the needs and conditions of your work environment and ensure the right products are selected.

We would like to extend to you a FREE Interior Assessment!

With our customized carpet maintanence program we can make recommendations for the best possible solutions for your needs whether it is interior maintenance or replacement of flooring products that will meet your expectations.

The Interior Assessment will assess, rate, and make recommendations regarding the condition of:

  • Your floor covering and finishes
  • The condition of your lighting and emergency signage
  • General housekeeping conditions
  • Proper maintenance schedules and techniques for your floor covering and upholstery

With our Total Life-Cycle Solutions, we help customers select the most responsible flooring products and install them efficiently and safely, reducing waste and lowering the environmental impact. We can develop customized carpet maintenance programs that keeps products looking better longer, maximizing life expectancy.

May we interest you in a FREE Interior Assessment? We can tailor a plan to fit any environment, any schedule and any maintenance need. Please call VoCheck at (586) 795-1800

The Contract Resource Center

* The CRC is a complimentary service offered by VoCheck Flooring Services to
commercial interior design and architecture professionals, facility managers,
end users and specifiers.

* is a showplace of the latest commercial product offerings by the most respected manufacturers of floorcoverings, wallcoverings, paints, laminates, fabrics and more.

* can offer an unbiased assessment of product selections to assure they meet your client's performance and design requirements.

* can offer product alternatives to meet your client's budget requirements or to match an unavailable product.

* will assist in making your project a success...within time, within budget, without compromising your design integrity.

Carpet Maintenance

Maintenance helps carpet last longer and cost less.

* Commercial flooring is a substantial investment for any business, one you'll
want to protect for years to come. After all, the longer your flooring lasts, the less it costs. Keeping your carpet looking and performing its best every day can be accomplished easily and economically with a well-planned maintenance program. In fact, prevention is your best protection against soil.

Getting to soil before it gets to your carpet:

* Proactive, regularly scheduled maintenance removes soil before it can build up and damage carpet fibers. This can actually extend the life of the
carpet, reducing the costs of restoration, replacement and disposal. Reactive maintenance cannot fully restore a carpet to a like-new
appearance. This results in shorter carpet life and higher carpet life-cycle costs.

Making your maintenance program better:

* While you'll need trained professionals using proven chemistry and procedures for your routine deep cleaning, here are five basic steps you
can take to increase the life of your commercial flooring:

1. Purchase carpet with a fluorochemical treatment-- Soil-resistance treatments are applied either by the mill during manufacturing or after the
carpet is installed.

2. Use soil-collecting mats-- Mats and other barriers help remove soil from shoes before it can be tracked onto a carpet.

Be sure to clean and rotate mats regularly.

3. Vacuum regularly-- As the most important soil management procedure, vacuuming removes soil so it can't spread through carpet. For best
results, vacuum high-traffic areas daily, and low traffic areas every few days with a dual-motor upright vacuum.

4. Remove spots and spills promptly-- Daily removal will prevent spills from becoming permanent stains.

5. Clean frequently-- regular cleaning prevents soil bonding and buildup, and helps maintain a carpet's original color and overall appearance.

* The success of a soil management program very much depends on the people who carry it out. They must understand what they are doing and
why they are doing it. Here are some key qualities to look for when choosing or recommending a carpet maintenance professional.

-Knowledgeable, highly skilled, trained and certified technicians
-Use of high-quality, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and materials
-Professional appearance and attitude of employees
-Reliable, dependable and prompt
-IICRC certification of individual employees (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration)
-Commitment to customer satisfaction
-A company focused on specialized flooring maintenance
-A good reputation
-Licensed, bonded and insured
-Broad range of cleaning services
-Consultation and janitorial staff training

For more information on our maintenance services please call VoCheck Flooring at (586) 795-1800


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